XMark 25 Pound Adjustable Dumbbells

XMARK (Two) 25lb. Adjustable Weight DumbbellsThese XMark 25lb adjustable weight dumbbells can be purchased at a pretty reasonable price, and although they do not go up to as much weight as some other weights sets, they still offer a good starter set for those looking to get into strength training to increase their muscles and power. These weights go up to 25 pounds for each dumbbell.

These dumbbells are perfect for those who want to start doing some strength and fitness training in the comfort of their own home. They may only go up to a maximum weight of 25 pounds but offer a great starting point and versatility. You are able to increase the weight in increments of 5 pounds starting at a minimum of 5 pounds per dumbbell to 25 pounds at the top weight. By using this unique system you can gradually build up the weight and in the process increase muscle mass slowly. Another huge advantage of these dumbbells is that they remove the need for too many weights in your home and help to save some space if you are very limited in the room you can workout in. There is a knob for these weights that helps you to adjust the weight you want by selecting the position depending on which weight it is on.

These weights are perhaps extremely durable as they are made from heavy duty steel that is chrome plated to last longer than most other brands and models.  As an added bonus to the dumbbells you also get storage trays included as part of the set.

There are a few reviews for this product so far and most of the comments are highly favourable. There are some positive points regarding this product and the set appeals for most customers by the looks of it.


  • These dumbbells eradicate the need for many dumbbells in your home
  • Weight of each dumbbell can be adjusted from minimum of 5 pounds up to a maximum weight of 25 pounds
  • Weight can be adjusted accordingly by moving the knob to the right position to select weight
  • Increment weight increases by 5 pounds each time
  • Weights made of heavy duty steel that is chrome plated
  • Included in set are two dumbbells up to a maximum of 25lbs each and two trays for storage

The Reviews

The reviews that are currently listed for this product are very commendable and highlight the best features. The weights are very durable and reliable which are two great factors. Despite the fact that the weight is not as high as some others the price is more reasonable as a result. The comments mentioned that there had been no problems with the set and that adjusting the weights was very simple and easy to do.

The only real minor faults were not really faults but just focused on the fact that the quality of the weights plates was not up to scratch and the finishing wore down quicker than expected. Plus, the weights are a little more bulky than some others. However, this is really just because of the material used to construct them and how sturdy they are compared to others.

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Generally, despite a few concerns, there were no major complaints about this weight set.  They are cheaper than some other sets, but do not go up in weight to as much. However, they are still very versatile as you can adjust the weight up to a maximum of 25 pounds in stages of 5 pounds each time. They look well worth the money and looking at if you are serious about starting a strength training regime in your own home.

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  1. Fiona Brucker October 12, 2011 at 9:55 am #

    I gotta bookmark this website it seems extremely helpful very helpful

  2. sally October 12, 2011 at 3:57 pm #

    I bought these for my husband. He had wanted the bowflex dumbbells I think but he’s actually really happy with these. He likes them a lot after using them for a few months.

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