Dumbbell Exercises for Women: Kim’s Dumbbell Workout

Kim Strother demonstrates how she approaches her dumbbell workouts. She like to focus on exercises that help develop and maintain a long, sexy muscle tone.

What I like about this video is that it shows some dumbbell exercises that are going to be of more interest to women than men. Men like to build bulk, most of the time. But women often want to attain a toned look rather than get bulky. These exercises can help women get that toned look.

Notice that when she shows how to do the lateral raises that she emphasizes not raising your arms above your shoulders. This is important to make note of, you want to make sure that you are getting good range during dumbbell exercises, but you don’t want to extend your joints to positions that are beyond the natural range of motion.

Another thing that I like about this video is that she demonstrates how to use dumbbells for push-ups and floor work. I like to do this myself, dumbbells can make great on-the-floor support handles, and you’ll be able to get a deeper dip during push-ups.

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