Review: Bayou Fitness 50 Pound Adjustable Dumbbells

The Bayou Fitness Pair of 50 lb. Adjustable Dumbbells includes its own storage trays and can lift from 10 to 50 lbs. per dumbbell.

With its durable heavy-duty chrome-plated steel construction, you are sure to get a great workout. The best thing about this product is that it saves you from having to buy different sets of dumbbells.

This product is easy to use. Just adjust the knob to your desired weight to customize the intensity of your workout. It is cheaper than buying multiple dumbbells and you save a lot of space in your home gym too.

Since the Bayou Fitness Pair is quite compact in size, you might want to keep a set in your office as well!

Bayou Fitness Adjustable Dumbbells Features

  • Compact, space-saving design
  • Adjustable knobs
  • Heavy duty chrome plated steel construction
  • Comes with two custom storage trays

The Reviews

There are only 17 customer reviews for this product on so far, but customer response has been very positive with all 17 users giving high ratings for the product’s quality construction and ease of use.

Although all the reviews were positive, customers still had suggestions for the product:

  • Wish for increments of 5 lbs. – This pair of dumbbells go in increments of 10 lbs., which isn’t a bad thing. But for people who wish to be able to work with something lighter, increments of 5 lbs. would have been great. These dumbbells can actually adjust at 5-lb. increments; it’s just that the weight will not be distributed evenly.
  • A bit too wide for some workouts – Some users have observed that the dumbbells are a little too big and awkward to use for some exercises such as shoulder and chest presses, but they don’t really consider this a big issue.

And now, here are some glowing comments from reviewers:

  • Easy to use – The Bayou Fitness dumbbells are easy to use. Simply move the knob to your desired weight and start working out! The grips are comfortable too.
  • High quality construction – Customers have commented that unlike most adjustable dumbbells in the market, the Bayou Fitness dumbbells look impressive with its chrome plated steel construction. It feels sturdy and they feel confident that the dumbbells won’t fall apart even with daily use.
  • Great price – Reviewers also feel that for its low price and wonderful quality, the Bayou Fitness Pair dumbbells are a very good bargain.

While there are only a few reviews on for this product, it is quite obvious that customers are very happy with their purchase.

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There are some things about the product that could be improved of course, but these are very minor and users are willing to overlook them since these dumbbells look great, they feel comfortable to use, and the price isn’t bad either. Most of all, they are very satisfied with the construction and the quality of the dumbbells—sturdy, uncomplicated, and made to last for a very long time.

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