Proper Adjustable Dumbbell Usage and Care Tips

If you are looking at buying some adjustable dumbbells, or if you already own some adjustable dumbbells, there are a few important things to keep in mind during use and non-use.

Keep in mind that adjustable dumbbells are built to be modular, and for that reason they rely on certain technologies and techniques to keep the dumbbell assembly together during use. Each brand approaches their design a different way, but they are have a similar overall approach.

During Use

During use, you should always make that any latches or pins are secure. If you do not properly latch or secure the plates after making adjustments to the weights, you run the risk of the weight falling apart during usage. This is not really something you have to worry about too much with many of the new adjustable dumbbell sets that are on the market, but you should not ignore this either.

Many of the new sets have safety measures in place or nearly fool-proof adjustment systems. But it’s always a good idea to be wary so that you don’t injure yourself during your workout due to weights falling apart.

Understand Your Weight Set

It is also important to fully read and understand the instructions for any adjustable weight set. There may be things that you did not expect to need to know regarding usage, even though weight sets seem pretty simple on the surface.

Each brand may have a different way of securing the weights on handles or bars, and you will want to know how it works before diving in.

Don’t Drop Dumbbells

For some reason, some people like to “drop” weights to the floor after completing a tough set of repetitions. This is NOT a good idea for adjustable weight sets. It’s usually not a good idea to drop any kind of weights to the floor, unless the weight is a one-piece dumbbell and the floor is padded with rubber. Even then I would advise against dropping weights. There’s just so many things that can go wrong when you get in the habit of dropping weights to the floor after a tough set.

For one, adjustable dumbbells are not one solid piece and there are parts that may be susceptible to damage if dropped. Now don’t get me wrong, these weight sets are built tough, but dropping them under any circumstance is not a good idea.

For two, dropping weights to the floor can damage your floor or it could also injure you if the dumbbell bounces and hits you. Imagine dropping a 5o pound dumbbell and having it bounce into your ankle. That would not feel very good at all.

Proper Cleaning and Upkeep

Cleaning your dumbbells is also important. If the set calls for lubing of certain parts, then make sure you do it. If the set calls for any type of specific cleaning solution, make sure you adhere to the directions. Not lubing sets that need lube, or using the wrong cleaning solutions on the wrong types of metals can lead to parts not working correctly or damaged surfaces and finishes.

Got all that? Now go work out and put those shiny, fancy weights to use!

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