Lifesmart 55 Pound Adjustable Dumbbells

Lifesmart Adjustable 5 to 55 Pound DumbbellsThis pair of Lifesmart Adjustable 5 to 55-Pound Dumbbells is perfect for those who want to train from the comfort of their own home and have limited space in which to operate in. You are able to work many different areas of the body while exercising with these dumbbells.

One of the worst things about any dumbbell system is the amount of room it takes up in your room or wherever you have it positioned. What everyone could do with is a reduction in the room that a set takes up and yet still does the job you need from it. This is where these dumbbells come in as they are a real space saver and incorporate 44 sets of weights into one compact set. The versatility of the dumbbells is second to none and you can adjust the weight on each dumbbell from 5 pounds up to 55 pounds. The increments you increase by are by 5 pounds each time. This means that you can increase your muscle strength slowly and gradually rather than too quickly.

The system itself is very easy to use which is useful and uses a unique slide and lock system that latches on to the weight plates in a very secure manner. As soon as you have selected the weight you want then you can work your way through over 50 exercises. These can include such exercises as curls, bench presses, shoulder presses and many more that focus on a wide range of the body. Another appealing feature of the dumbbells is the shape and feel of them. They are designed with a handle that is focused on comfort and contoured for that cause. You can also fit the weights into very tight areas due to the plates that are smaller than others.

There are a limited number of reviews about this product, but what there is contains some very complimentary comments. Most of these centre on the quality and reliability of the weights and the fact that they should last a long time.


  • The dumbbells use plates that are cast iron and to a commercial grade standard
  • Each individual dumbbell can be adjusted in weight from 5 to 55 pounds
  • You can increment the weight in 5 pound stages
  • Incorporates 44 sets of weights into one
  • Handle designed for comfort
  • Dumbbells can be used for more than 50 training exercises
  • Adjustments can be made quickly and easily with a unique slide and lock system included

The Reviews

Most of the reviews at present are very positive when it comes to these dumbbells. Most customers found them to be reliable and durable and catered for all their requirements with the amount of exercises that could be undertaken. There were no problems adjusting the weight when needed during training. The price was a big factor too as was very reasonable compared to some other models and brands on the market.

Although no real complaints, there were a few words of caution from comments in the reviews.  These included the fact that you should be careful when adjusting the weight to make sure that is in position securely so that it doesn’t break or slip when lifting. Also, the weights are slightly wider than others so you may have to adjust your exercises accordingly.

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Overall there were really no complaints about these dumbbells.  For most they seem to be very durable, sturdy and reliable. The price is fantastic for what you get and you are offered great versatility with the amount of different weights you can choose from. This set is well worth checking out for any strength training exercises you undertake.

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