How To Make An Adjustable Dumbbell Holder Stand

For weight watchers and people who often do a little weight lifting, you are sure to find pairs of dumbbells in their homes arranged in some place. This particular weight equipment is not that heavy and allows you to work a piece with one hand only. However, in order for you to maximize the workout, you may want to have several pairs in different weights.

You need to have a place or perhaps a storage space for your pairs. You don’t want them lying around the house especially when you have a little one. You may want to consider an adjustable dumbbell holder stand which will allow you to keep your pairs in a steady position, which is also vital to keep your pairs in tip top condition as well.

Although you are able to purchase it in any sports store, you can also try to make your very own which will only cost you about half of the actual price that you have to pay for a brand new stand.

What you need:

  • 2 ft. pipes that are approximately 4 inches in width.
  • 4 inches flanges
  • Silicone
  • 2 x 4 wood ply that is about 6 inches long. You will need at least two pieces of this or so.
  • >Drill
  • Bolts & nuts

Procedures to make your very own adjustable dumbbell holder stand:

  1. Get your pipes and flange. Attach the two together with a silicone in order to get a tight hold.
  2. Get the pipes and place it on top of the wood ply. Secure them together by drilling screws. The flange should stay flat on the center of the ply wood.
  3. Now get your drill and create holes on the pipes. This is where you will secure the foot of the stand using bolts. So make sure that the holes are large enough to fit them in.
  4. Now, create holes directly aligned.
  5. Make it stand to make the base / feet of the actual stand is aligned.
  6. Arrange the bed where you will be placing your dumbbells.
  7. To make it adjustable, you must create several holes on the side so that you’ll be able to place a few more beds to accommodate more pairs of the dumbbells.
  8. Make sure that everything is well secured and is able to carry heavy loads, as you are going to place several dumbbells on it.
  9. The adjustable dumbbell holder stand is almost done. You may choose to have it the way it is, or you can finish it up with paint or so, to match the interiors of your home. But if you don’t like to do it anymore, it should be fine as well.
  10. Just before arranging the dumbbells on the stand, give it a few shake just to make sure that the stand is sturdy and that you did not missed out tightening several screws.

These are the step by step instructions on how to create your very own adjustable rack for your weights.

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