Dumbbell Exercises: No Excuse Workout

This is an awesome video that I recently found that demonstrates a full body workout using dumbbells. I like this because of the variety of moves and the simplistic approach.

Lower and upper body is covered here, as well as exercised to strengthen your core. Gustavus includes alternative moves for those with knee problems as well, making this video a great resource for anybody that wants to work out with dumbbells.

Take note of the form that he uses on all of these exercises. He has excellent balance and doesn’t not strain his body unnecessarily. This is very important to keep yourself from getting injured during a workout.

This is a pretty full-fledged workout, so if you are new to working out with weights you may want to slowly work your way up to doing this full routine. As always, keep it safe and be smart with any new routine that you take on.

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