At TopAdjustableDumbbells.com we take a look at many of the highly rated adjustable dumbbell sets available to buy today.

We like to provide in-depth reviews of each top set. It is important to know what your options are if you are looking for adjustable dumbbells, mainly because they are not cheap.

You may be surprised when you see that a quality adjustable dumbbell set it going to cost you $300 or more. But don’t be too shocked. Even though adjustable dumbbells seem expensive, you need to think about what your other options are.

If you bought a dumbbell set that included individual dumbbells in five pound increments from 10 to 60 pounds, for example, you would easily spend more than $300. Even the cheapest dumbbells are going to cost about $1 per pound.

Once you realize this, you will see that adjustable dumbbells are actually more affordable than their individual dumbbell counterparts.

There is also the issue of space for many people. A set of dumbbells (the non-adjustable kind) is going to take a lot of space in your home. If you have a small home or live in an apartment, space is at a premium.

I have a friend who is currently undertaking Power 90 X. He has a full set of non-adjustable dumbbells, and they are lined up against the wall in his living room. It takes up a lot of space and he hates having to have them sitting there all the time.

In my own apartment, I have just as much weight available to work out with as he does, but since I have an adjustable dumbbell set, I can keep them from taking up a lot of space in my apartment. In fact most people when they visit my apartment would not even know that I work out there, as I’m able to keep the dumbbell set conveniently hidden behind the TV area. They don’t take up hardly any space at all, and I have just as many weights available in dumbbell form as my friend does.

Well, I could ramble on forever about the cost benefits and space benefits, but I’ll let you come to your own conclusions. Feel free to read through our reviews and other information to learn more about the best adjustable dumbbell sets available. Research before you buy!

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