XMark 50 Pound Adjustable Dumbbells

XMARK (Two) 50lb. Adjustable Weight DumbbellsThese XMark 50lb adjustable weight dumbbells are a reasonable price when compared to some other brands and still satisfy most strength training needs for most users with a maximum weight per dumbbell of 50lbs. These are ideal for serious workouts in your home.

By purchasing these dumbbells you may remove the need to buy any more weights again. As each of these go up to a maximum weight of 50 pounds there is plenty of versatility. You can build up gradually with increments of 10 pounds each time you adjust the weight. By doing this you can increase your power and muscle strength in gradual steps rather than bulk up too quickly by adding on too much weight too soon. The lowest weight per hand is 10 pounds and top weight is 50 lbs each dumbbell. If you have no space to put a lot of weights in your home then these are for you as they are very effective when it comes to saving room. The fact you can adjust the weights on the individual dumbbells means that you have got many more dumbbells for the price of one. You can use the knob for selecting different weights and its position determines that.

These weights are perhaps not as compact as others, but they are far more durable than other brands and models. This is mainly due to their construction and the fact that the weights plates themselves are made from heavy steel that is chrome plated for extra protection and wear and tear. In addition to the two dumbbells you get as part of this set, you also get two trays for storage purposes that are always handy.

Only one review has been reported so far for this product and that one was very positive and raised some good points regarding the weight set.


  • These dumbbells eradicate the need for many dumbbells in your home
  • Weight of each dumbbell can be adjusted from minimum of 10 pounds up to a maximum weight of 50 pounds
  • Weight can be adjusted accordingly by moving the knob to the right position to select weight
  • Increment weight increases by 10 pounds each time
  • Weights made of heavy duty steel that is chrome plated
  • Included in set are two dumbbells up to a maximum of 50lbs each and two trays for storage

The Reviews

The review that is present so far is largely positive and gives the product a good overall rating. Comments that highlighted appealing features included the fact that the set are extremely durable and sturdy. The certainly look like they will last for a long time to come with continuous use. They also definitely do save on space when storing as there is only one dumbbell that incorporates different weights.

There were one or two comments that reflected on drawbacks with this product.  Unfortunately, it was felt that the versatility of the weights was not quite as good as otherwise as the increments of weight could only be done in stages of 10 pounds rather than lower. This means that it can be tricky to increase as you get to the heavier levels. They are also slightly bulkier than others too so at times when using them for long periods can get uncomfortable.

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Generally, despite a few concerns, there were no major complaints about this weight set.  They seem to be well worth the money and worth checking out if you want a sturdy and reliable strength training experience. They look like they will stand up to constant use and also satisfy most requirements of users as a great alternative to going down the gym whenever you get the chance.

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